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Farhad Reyazat (PhD in Risk Management) is director of global banking & finance training programmes. Farhad's main areas of expertise are risk management, network theory in finance, theory of ultra-small world of banking, operational risk, systemic risk, risk modelling, international banking, capital market regulation, monetary policy and Islamic banking. He has researched and published numerous articles on banking, systemic risk, Islamic banks, risk management, regulatory authorities. Dr Reyazat has undertaken research for European Central Bank, various regulators in Middle East, Governments and Non-Governmental financial Organisations.

Farhad Reyazat was awarded his B.A. and M.S in Finance studies and went on to achieve his PhD in Risk Management from Southampton University. His first job in the financial market took place at the Stock Exchange in his home town. Farhad taught at various universities in Europe and the Middle East before becoming the Dean of the Department of Finance at Imam Sadiq University where he supervised PhD and MS students in Islamic Finance studies. With his extensive specialty in risk management, Farhad has had over 18 years of experience in corporate banking where he played an important role including Chairman of a few investment and leasing companies in Middle East, Chairman of Industrial Trade Services in Hamburg-Germany.

Chairman of International Investment Company. In addition he became the Vice president of the Bank of Industry and Mine, Melli Bank Plc- London and a member of the supervisory board in EIHB bank- Germany. He also became the Operational Risk Consultant of Lloyds TSB. He had the opportunity to lead a trade finance company based in the City of London funding over $2.5 Billon for various industries. He was FSA approved person for Risk Assessment and was awarded qualifications in Fixed Income and Equity by Bloomberg with comprehensive experience in private equities.

He has supervised different research projects and served as Editor in chief of renowned business financial title, Global Islamic Finance Magazine (GIF) from 2007-2014 in London. From 1999 till 2002 Farhad was Board member of Association of Development Financing Institutions in Asia & Pacific (ADFIAP) which is a founding member of the World Federation of Development Financing Institutions composed of regional associations in Africa, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and the Middle East. As an advisor, consultant or director of training programmes, he worked with several international banks, regulators, national central banks, European Central Bank, Bank for International Settlements.

Currently he is a non-executive Director of Global Risk Management Group, London School of Banking and Finance in UK. He is member of the Centre for Risk Research at University of Southampton. He works closely together with senior management officials of Islamic Finance firms on business strategy development and risk management in Islamic financial institutions.

He has published a variety of articles in risk management, European Banking regulation, Systemic risk in EU banking system, financial market architecture and in Islamic finance field. Farhad has supervised Master and PhD thesis on a wide-range of topics in risk management, capital market, Islamic finance and Islamic banking.

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